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The Symbol Of Satanic Resistance
Created by Citizen “Kraven Black”

“As someone who enjoys symbolism and the use of various symbols for both ritual purposes and everyday wear as form of personal expression or protest, the sword and hammer symbol has always been a personal favorite of mine. The reasons for this are simple – it represents a prominent trait of my personality, RESISTANCE.

It’s origins can be traced to the rise of the Third Reich where a few “radicals” within the Nazi Party stood in opposition to Hitler’s vision for Germany and his plans for those he deemed inferior. They denounced Hitler as a traitor to Germany, National Socialism, and the German people. They carved their own path, a third positionist resistance movement called “The Black Front” and chose the sword and hammer for their symbol. However, most met a grim fate during a night of State terrorism known as “The Night of the Long Knives”. Those who survived by fleeing Germany, including Black Front leader Otto Strasser, spent the remainder of Hitler’s reign in exile. Today, this symbol is still used in resistance movements across the world in both left and right wing organizations.

As a Satanist, I am compelled to live my life to the fullest, indulging in all things that bring joy into my life. I firmly believe in the right to live as people desire without infringement. And, I chose to disassociate, resist, and rebel against those who seek to subjugate myself and others to their dogmatic principles, archaic laws, and visions for society which are not congruent to my own. So, being highly opinionated and passionate about my personal beliefs, I decided to combine two symbols which resonate deepest within me and properly reflect who I am as a Satanist. I decided to create the symbol of Satanic Resistance. A symbol not solely for my own personal but for use by others who defy those who wish to suppress their rights or the rights of their loved ones, those who understand the importance of resistance in shaping and changing the world around them. Regardless of your political or personal persuasion, as Satanists we each stand as individuals in opposition against that which seeks to impose unwanted and unwarranted limitations upon us or those we cherish.

My personally designed medallion has been licensed for sale through iSatanist ONLY and with my full permission to do so.” – [Name withheld]


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