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Anton LaVey Poster – Part of the Magus Collection Series – by Dorian Grey

In celebration of 50 Anno Satanas, Active Member D.S. Wallace (aka Dorian Grey) is releasing a 2 part series of fine art prints. In the style of pointillism (stippling) via pen and ink, “The Magus, Part One: The Doktor is In” will be released by Halloween of 2015. This finely detailed piece features Anton LaVey in his study, surrounded by things he loved, and contains many hidden intricacies within the art.

“The Magus, Part Two: I Am an I-theist” is also available! This piece is a mirror image of the first, as far as setting, but will feature our current High Priest, Magus Peter H. Gilmore, and surround him with items he holds dear!

The original pieces have nearly 150-200 hours of work involved each and are comprised of thousands and thousands of dots. The prints will be limited to 333 copies each that will be numbered, rounding out the collection to 666 prints total. Both pieces will be printed on a very high quality paper at poster size (24″ x 36″) to truly capture all the detail involved!

By pre-ordering both posters now, you will guarantee matching numbers for your collecting pleasure!

Note: This product is licensed for sale by Dorian Grey EXCLUSIVELY to iSatanist! Only 333 will be printed, so don’t miss out! Allow up to 3-10 days to deliver depending on your shipping choice.

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