Study, not worship

Take the time to educate yourself about what Satanism is before you attempt to speak about it.  This will help clear any misconceptions you may have.

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What is Satanism?

Satanism was founded by Anton Szandor LaVey in 1966.  Dr. LaVey was the first person in the history of man to codify what is Satanic, what a Satanist is and what the meaning of Satanism is.

Never has anyone come forth before him as a Satanist, and those who have come after him who are not part of the Church of Satan are nothing more than detractors and “Pretenders To the Throne“, as Magus Peter H. Gilmore has stated in his essays.

Satanic Literature

There are numerous places to obtain Satanic literature.  Books are for sale on Amazon and Satanic Essays and other writings are available in many places, including the Church of Satan’s website.  Below are links to a few of what is expected for someone to read as a foundation of what Satanism is.  Satanism demands study, not worship…

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Some Satanic products are hard to find and these are very types of products we strive to provide.  Here are some of our products below, or click PRODUCTS in the menu to shop online.


30″ L.E.D. Sigil of Baphomet Wall Plaques
Official Church of Satan Sigil of Baphomet 3D-relief Wall Plaques
Laser-Etched Sigil of Baphomet Products (Wood, Metal, Acrylic, etc.)